Jonah: You Can't Outrun Grace (DVD + Study Guide)

Jonah: You Can't Outrun Grace (DVD + Study Guide)

Jonah: You Can't Outrun Grace (DVD + Study Guide)

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Are you running from God? While we might not board a boat to flee halfway across the world like the Old Testament prohpet did, we run from the call of God every day. Most times, we don't even realize we're running. The Good News of the gospel is that we can never outrun grace.

Use these 8 video lessons and the Study Guide for your next small group series, Sunday school curriculum, or ministry retreat - and discover how God chases us down, forgives us, and gives us a second chances to participate in the work of his kingdom.

PLEASE NOTE: This DVD set includes one (1) paperback study guide. Purchase additional guides here...

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8 video sessions on 3 DVDs + 1 paperback study guide.

Total Run Time: 3 hours, 58 minutes.

Sessions Include:

  1. What Controls Your Heart? (29:08)
  2. Do You Have God's Heart? (26:23)
  3. Do You Know God's Uncomfortable Grace? (27:39)
  4. Has God's Grace Changed You? (27:14)
  5. What Is Your Potential? (26:35)
  6. What Does God's Love Look Like? (24:05)
  7. Do You Want What God Wants? (29:00)
  8. What Does It Mean To Follow God? (28:30)

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