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FAITH: What Are You Hoping For?

A 9-Session Bible Study On Hebrews 11 by Paul David Tripp

What is faith?

The Bible defines faith as "the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen" - but do we know how to live by faith in our daily Christianity?

Join pastor and best-selling author Paul David Tripp on a powerful 9 session journey through Hebrews 11 to discover how to live a hope-filled life of faith in Jesus Christ.

This video series also includes a study guide, filled with application questions, to help you, your small group, or your church bring faith to life.

Is Your Faith Working For You?

More About FAITH

Hebrews 11 is often called "The Hall Of Faith," but in this series, Paul Tripp will remind you that there is only one Hero in the Bible: Jesus. Noah, Abraham, Moses and the others enshrined in Hebrews 11 were weak and messy Christians just like us, who often felt that the call of God was too big for them.

In these 9 lessons, you will discover:

  • How God accomplishes big things through little people who have faith
  • How a lifestyle of faith will radically change your life
  • How to live by faith when life is hard and doesn't make sense/li>
  • How personal weakness and inability is a cornerstone to a lifestyle of faith

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to deepen your faith with renowned Bible teacher Paul Tripp.

About Paul Tripp

Dr. Paul David Tripp is a pastor and an award-winning and best-selling author. With more than 30 books and video series on Christian living, Paul’s driving passion is to connect the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life. Paul and his wife Luella live in Philadelphia; they have four grown children.

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