When Suffering Enters Your Door (Conference on DVD)

When Suffering Enters Your Door (DVD)

When Suffering Enters Your Door (Conference on DVD)

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Are you in a moment of suffering right now? Are you close to someone facing hardship? The Bible says that suffering should not take us by surprise; it is the universal experience of all humanity. In this video study, Paul David Tripp exposes you to the wisdom of Scripture and the practical guidance it gives to those in moments of suffering.

Use these 4 video lessons and the free Leader's and Discussion Guides for your next small group series, Sunday school curriculum, or ministry retreat - and learn how to seek God in the middle of pain while you are equipped to be an agent of comfort to those in need.

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4 video sessions on 2 DVDs. Includes 1 CD-ROM with PDF guides.

Total Run Time: 1 hour, 42 minutes.

Sessions Include:

  1. Three Dangerous Traps (22:42)
  2. How to Suffer (28:17)
  3. The Plan of Redemption (23:41)
  4. Agents of Comfort (27:02)

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